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A Powerful Marketing Medium

TransPromo is simply a mix of Transactional Print and Proactive Marketing. It utilizes the white space on statements as advertising-space to target recipients with specific messages relevant to their buying patterns and preferences.

TransPromo efforts can turn invoices and statements into powerful marketing and customer communication tools. Transaction documents are a repeat, personal customer touch point. Consider your invoices and account statements as regularly scheduled meetings with each of your customers. They also cost less than billboards, television commercials and other advertising mediums that aren’t guaranteed to reach your customers.

Statements attract attention. 95% of statements are open and read by consumers. InfoTrends market research shows that consumers spend an average of 2 to 3 minutes reviewing their statements, with 20% spending more than 5 minutes! Compare this with a traditional direct mail piece that often goes directly to the recycle bin and the message is clear – It is time for marketers to leverage this customer touch point as a new marketing medium.

Transactional printers have previously tried to include promotional messaging, knowing that consumers open and read their statements and bills. However two thirds of consumers rarely or never read the inserts and leaflets that are included in their bills. High quality inserts included inside the envelope have always been too easy to discard without reading. All that time, effort and, more importantly, money goes to waste. The reason inserts do not work is because they lack relevance.

TransPromo is new in the way the messaging is integrated into the statement document itself. Also, TransPromo provides a new avenue to leverage customer data to create personalized and relevant offers that generate greater response.

The financial services, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, and service bureau markets are the sectors most likely to benefit by leveraging the TransPromo opportunity. Anyone who issues invoices or statements has a prime opportunity to transform statements and revenue-recovery documents into personalized marketing vehicles that drive new revenue streams.

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